In Memory Of Our Brothers & Sisters Who Served Their Country and Survived.
 Only to be Taken by the Memories of War.

memorial"One day each of us must go the way of all mortals, into the eternity of God. May God deal kindly with His Veterans, and may our ranks of comradeship once again form on the eternal shores of heaven and go marching on into the kingdom of God's blessed and everlasting peace."

They have left us to join those who have gone before, to enter the Valley once more this time in Peace and in the arms of their God.





Name AKA Date Branch Memorial Photo
Gary Ewine Baby Duck 3/21/2011 Navy    
Herbert Burd Burdman         
Fred Freeman  Blue Ghost    Army     
Edward Schaeffer  Chicago Ed   2002 Army   ic 
Charles A. Grimm  Chuckles  2010  Marine     
James Pifer  Gypsy  9/15/2004  Marine  View Here
Rick Bradley  Gunny  3/27/2007  Marine     
Kenneth Barton  KB  2007       
John Berry  Mailman  8/02/2010  Marine   
Judy Ann Russell-Bell  Mama Juju    Support     
Bud Jackson  Murph  10/31/2008  Navy   
George R. Jensen  Storekeeper  12/09/2010  Navy   
Donald J. Pedriali  Uncle Don  12/22/2009  Marine  View Here
Tom Check  Road Runner    Army   
Bob Craft  Capt. Craft  4/10/2013  USAF   
Don Toraze Tuttle Toazes  10/28/2013    
Dan Lizdas  Capt. Dan  11/11/2013  Army   
Eugene Harrison Top 3/12/2015 Marine    
Roy Johnson Doc 4/00/2015 Marine  
Ray York Nasty Brother 4/00/2016 Army     
Scott Collins Sundown 5/13/2016      
Marty Sherman Marty 5-28-2016 Air Force    
Luis Vasquez


4-23-2017 Navy   nd