From 1962 to 1973 AD          MIA/POW to Eternity

We believe in the Vietnam Brotherhood;  Which was created by strangers  Fighting In-Country Vietnam,  Spilling their blood,  Losing their innocence and therefore becoming brothers;  Memorialized by The Wall,  PTSD, Agent Orange, and time.

 Shadows fell across the valley a valley they had walked.  Where blood had run like water and the screams of men still haunt.  Those men betrayed-abandoned by the country they had loved.  Their lives became a toy for play in a politicians prom.  The dead have found their victory in the arms of Jesus Christ.  The wounded still abandoned have suffered most of their lives.  Once young, proud, mighty warriors in a deserted Asian land.  They keep a constant vigil for their long lost brave comrades.  Alone within a Country that tells us "welcome home."  After 30 years of suffering the nation threw a bone.  Shame still haunts that valley for soldiers left behind.  But a spirit gently whispers find your men, it's time.  The sound of brothers' laughter rose from a nearby place.  Their friendship formed in blood and steel reborn within God's grace.  Together they are brothers a bond no man can break.  A friendship formed by blood and steel forever seal their fate.  No one else is needed to honor all their deeds.  No bands or marching majorettes or other formal scenes.  They know when silence enters what the silence means,  that God has whispered gently there stands an honorable man.  A soldier that stood true and brave in a war called Vietnam.

 - Dan Douglas, 08-31-1999  founding member Vietnam Brotherhood

 In the thirtieth year;  We have come together  To ride for those who cannot;  Focused on supporting and loving one another,  Our families, friends, and strangers;  As our peace and thanksgiving.

And the Brotherhood said,  AMEN.

 - Throttle, January 2000

 Night goes into night, day never comes.  There is endless senseless movement in Saigon, the noise has no meaning.  The monsoons come and wash a little bit of me away, bit by bit  The heat steals my soul a little at a time,  The war has come to the City,  Please put me in the Jungle,  The dead are everywhere, no place to turn away,  The smell, the sight explain it, I can't ..... help me !!  Death is sightless  He takes all who come to him, the willing , the unwilling , the innocent.  Pray for the children, the old and the young.  They cry! I cry, no one hears.  Feeling becomes numb, caring stops.  Night goes into night...Day never comes,  Even after all these years O Lord,.....  Please help me end this WAR.

 - Ralph W Taylor AKA Bison  Vietnam Brotherhood